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A sales funnel or “sales process” uses a specially-designed marketing process that first leads your ideal client to a website or landing page to bring awareness to how your company can help them. Build interest and entice your audience with valuable information, or a “lead generator”, which allows you to capture an email address and generate new leads. You’re then able to deliver the right message to new leads or build relationships with current clients through email nurturing campaigns or sales campaigns, which helps catapult your potential client into making a decision and taking action to do business with you. 
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Our team is dedicated to creating a Sales Funnel that will maximize your return by focusing on an audience that is most likely to respond, which will convert potential customers and help your business growth.
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Lead viewers to a custom-built website landing page – we do this through digital and direct mail advertising. We even design and build the landing page which helps convey a clear message of what you do.

Offer something valuable for free – a Lead Generator on your landing page allows you to collect email addresses and potential “leads.”

Develop a relationship – through a time-based email nurturing campaign, or email series, you continue to inform your leads and motivate them to take action.
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The Pet Station Country Club
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