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As part of our simple process, we develop a clear, concise brand script unique to your business. This framework is designed to insert your brand into the customer’s story. Your brand script will act as the foundation to drive the content of your website, print media, social media, emails, sales funnel, presentations, and sales pitch.  A brand script will identify your target audience and give your business the razor focus and direction needed to reach that audience.

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 Why Do You Need A Brand Strategy?

Even if your product is superior, potential customers will hop over to your competitor if your brand identity and message isn’t clear and doesn’t draw them in.

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  • Without a brand script and brand strategy...

  • Potential customers may fail to understand your content and communications.

  • They won’t catch your vision.

  • Your marketing dollars will be wasted.

Why IS A Brand Strategy Important?

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Just as a script prevents actors from rambling and keeps them on que, a brandscript keeps your company’s mission clear and concise. Your brand script is the foundation for every communication—your website, marketing efforts, company communications, and sales pitches.  Your brand script helps you tell the story with your potential customer as the main character and you as the trusted guide to resolve their problem or meet their need.
And remember—everyone loves a good story!





At Write Now Marketing, we know that you want to be consistent in your branding and message, so that customers start to recognize you and that recognition will grow your brand. In order to do that, you need a brandscript framework that permeates every communication and all your marketing content.

The problem is you don’t have the time needed to identify who your target customer is, what message you want conveyed to them, and where to focus your marketing efforts. Without those components, your message and marketing plan falls short.

We understand how hard it is to manage the day-to-day running of a business while trying to find the time for marketing and promotion, which is why we help businesses with their brand strategy, message and execution so that they can clarify their message, their mission and watch their business grow.

We have 25 years of marketing experience.
As a certified brand strategy guide, we have helped hundreds of companies with their brand’s mission, execution and reach their
target audience, nurture relationships, and
grow their brand.  

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