Six Reasons to Use and Outside Copywriter

Here's Why You Shouldn't Do It Yourself
June 15, 2021

Do you ever sit down at the computer and find that much later you’re still just staring at a blank screen? No one knows your business like you do; but still, you just can’t find the words necessary to highlight your business in the way it deserves and the way that’s necessary to attract customers.

You may be thinking that you should be able to create social media posts, wording for your brochure, and website content. But let’s face it. You have a business to run and that doesn’t involve sitting at a computer trying to be a wordsmith. Writing copy and content often gets pushed to the back burner and the very bottom of the To Do list.

Maybe it’s time you looked outside your doors and let a professional take on the copywriting and content writing. That’s a great idea and a wise decision for your business for AT LEAST six reasons:

1. You'll Have More Time to Run Your Business

Crafting quality content takes time.

When you hand the reins over to a professional, you can then focus on what you do best, including daily operations, meeting with clients, staffing concerns, supply chain issues, and strategic planning.

2. Your Website, Social Media, And Print Advertising Won't Sound Like A Sales Pitch

Like many business owners, you're probably a great sales person. The problem is that the salesperson in you often comes out when you sit down to write copy and content.

An experienced copywriter knows how to be persuasive without sounding like a sales pitch. The late ad exec Harry McCann referred to copywriting as “The truth well told.” Copywriters tell it well by communicating facts about your product, brand, or service in a way that strikes a chord with your customer when used for print ads, direct mail, email marketing and brochures.

3. You'll Get Consistent, Quality Copy and Content

Engaging content is vital for your online presence. You can’t get by with just taking a stab at it. Consistent quality and variety that seamlessly incorporates keywords are required for today’s complex SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Consistency shows Google that you are staying relevant. Fresh is best to generate organic traffic for social media and your website.

When you think content writing, think value. Content writing promotes your brand while also delivering valuable content. A liquor store or distillery might use a blog to share cocktail recipes while also promoting their brand or product. A professional writer knows how to use engaging content to add extra value to your website or social media.

4. An Experienced Professional Can Create More Content in Less Time

It’s true that engaging content takes time to craft, but an experienced copywriter or content writer can do it in half the time it would take you and the quality will be more professional, engaging, and consistent.  An experienced writer will take the time to learn your industry and your customer, so they can write for your specific audience. Their work is generally very cost effective.

​For example, they can write a blog that can be broken down into smaller bites to be used as social media posts. In this way, you can reach the widest audience with the same dollars.

5. An Experienced Copywriter Can Make Any Business Sound Exciting

What if you own a dry-cleaning business and there's one on every corner? What if you own a garbage removal company and there’s nothing glamorous about trash?

Your business is more than just the service or product you provide. There’s your corporate culture, your company values, and your great staff. A good copywriter can highlight the best you have to offer for the greatest impact on your audience. They can use words to provide a window into your company, what’s important to you, what distinguishes you, and why you do what you do.

6. Grammatically Correct Content Will Enhance Your Credibility

We know you want to send a clear message to your customers and potential customers. Good grammar and good communication go hand in hand. Slang and lack of punctuation may be fine in a text or casual email, but communication with your customers requires an additional level of care. Errors in spelling and punctuation reflect badly on you and your business.

You know those people who notice when a picture on the wall is a little tilted? A professional writer is like that. They care about the details, so your customers don’t lose trust in your written materials.

We're Here to Help!

A well-conceived marketing plan requires a social media presence, an engaging website, and quality printed materials to engage an audience, build brand awareness, drive traffic to your door, and influence sales. Each of these components require careful crafting to use your marketing dollars most efficiently. The experienced copywriters and content writers at Write Now Marketing can deliver the professional quality that is vital to the success of your business while leaving you time to do what you do best!  

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