It’s Not About You

Putting Your Customer First Through Story Brand Marketing
July 26, 2023

The most successful marketing today makes the customer the main character of the story and sets the brand up, not as the hero, but as the trusted guide. Think of Luke as the hero and Yoda as the trusted guide. Think Katniss as the hero and Haymitch as the trusted guide. Rather than tell your story, place the customer in the story.

Customer-centric marketing pulls the customer into the story and creates brand loyalty. This also means that social media interaction and digital presence are more important than ever to brand loyalty. You can no longer just sell to your customer; you must interact with your customer.

In every good story, the hero or main character has a problem, a conflict.  

Successful Customer-Centric Marketing:

· Identifies what the customer/hero wants.

In other words, what problem do they have? The only way to know this is to truly listen to your customers and potential customers to find out what they want, so you can act on it. Rather than becoming defensive when you receive customer criticism, use it as an opportunity to hear your customers and what they want. For example, you may think your business provides a great customer experience. However, the customer’s experience is only as good as their expectations, so ’s vital that you learn what they expect when they interact with your brand.


· Communicates how the brand is perfectly positioned to meet that need or how you are the best person to solve that problem.

Let’s face it. There are probably dozens of companies in town and hundreds online that could provide what your customer wants. The challenge is to creatively showcase how you are the only one who understands exactly what they want or need.  


· Relates the reasons that make you the perfect guide/authority to help them win the day.

What sets you apart from the crowd?

Why shouldn’t they look to the other guy as the authority?


· Gives the customer/hero confidence in you as a trusted guide.

Provide solid, but simple plan to solve their problem and help them avoid failure.

Make your customer the hero!


Write Now Marketing is a certified Brand Strategy Guide. Our simple process develops a custom Brand Script for your business that is clear and concise. It’s then easy to insert your brand into the customer’s story.  


Our Story Brand process uses principles of good story telling to clarify your message and connect with your customer.

Since the hero of every story has a problem to solve or a conflict to resolve, the Story Brand process helps you identify what your customers want and need. Heroes also want to avoid failure and experience success, so we help clarify what’s at stake if they don’t do business with you. From there, we cast a clear vision of how your brand can change their situation and solve their problem. In other words, they win!  

We give you a Brand Script that will identify your target audience and then act as the foundation to drive the content of your website, print media, social media, emails, sales funnel, presentations, and sales pitch. Your Brand Script will also be the perfect resource for training your staff, so everyone is on the same page about your mission and message.

We are ready to jump into the story with you! Call us at (502) 939-5882 and let’s get acquainted!