Four Reasons to Use an Outside Marketing Agency

for Your Marketing Needs
December 15, 2020

Business owners who don’t have an in-house marketing department are often tempted to use an employee for their marketing and advertising needs, especially digital and social media marketing. After all, many young employees are extremely tech savvy and up on the current trends, and they’re already on the payroll.

It’s true that your employee may know how to use a Facebook page, Instagram account, and Twitter account, but that doesn’t equal ​knowledge of social media trends, knowing which platforms are best for your unique audience, or knowing the fast-changing algorithms that determine who will see your posts and when. Also, each platform has different strategies and best times to post. Just staying current on this one aspect of marketing probably requires more time than your employee has to devote.

If you’ve been using or are tempted to use an in-house person for your marketing needs, it’s probably time to consider the many benefits of using an outside marketing company.


An experienced marketing firm has an arsenal of tried-and-true ideas that extends across many different industries, as well as the creativity to formulate fresh ideas and creative solutions specific to your industry. A company that has been in the business for a number of years knows what works and what doesn’t work, so there’s no trial and error with your marketing dollars. They know how to stretch your marketing budget in a way that is best for your business.


An experienced marketing firm can bring a healthy dose of objectivity and outsider perspective that many business owners need. It’s very difficult for an employee to disagree with the boss’s ideas. An outside firm brings the ideas, so the business owner can do what he or she does best—run the business. ​


With an outside agency, you get not one person, but a team of professionals who excel at what they do. Most firms employ graphic designers, writers, social media experts, logo designers, website creators, photographers, and videographers. There aren’t enough hours in the day for your employee to learn about branding, graphic design, social media strategy for various platforms, digital and print marketing, advertising, websites, or video production. The most dedicated employee might make a valiant effort, but the results will not be professional because they simply aren’t a marketing professional. For example, social media is a visual world that demands eye-catching graphics to prevent potential customers from scrolling right past your posts. One high-end jewelry store utilized a young staffer for their social media marketing, but amateur content and graphics are not reflective of luxury products or the target audience that buys those products. Before you lower your standards or risk your reputation, look for a professional marketing firm that will work with your budget.


An experienced marketing firm exists to help businesses grow and succeed. Their business is only successful if their clients’ businesses are successful, so they have the motivation to see you prosper.

At Write Now Marketing, our mission statement is “Dedicating our business to growing yours. Let us put our team of marketing professionals to work for your business.