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Video Marketing

A Business Benefit and Necessity

A business that isn’t using video in their social media marketing and on their websites will very soon be in the minority.


Video is now considered the most successful type of web content and online viewership continues to increase every year. One recent study found that more than half of retail brands noticed an increase in order values when users watch just one video. If your business is not yet using video content, it’s time to consider the vast benefits.

• Video allows you to connect with your audience.

When you create a company video that is a storyline about your company and your product or services, rather than just a commercial, it can show potential customers that you are relatable, personable, and trustworthy.



• Video allows you to engage your audience.

People want to learn about your company or product in a way that is interesting and even entertaining. One of the most popular searches on the internet is the “How to” search.  A video tutorial for using your product or “how to” tips can creatively showcase your product.



• Visual content is a highly effective way to keep your audience interested

so that they return to your Facebook page, Instagram, or website. Return visitors are more likely to become new customers.



• Video content enhances your social media marketing.

In less than a minute, a potential customer can learn about your business digitally and visually.



To maximize your audience reach, work with your marketing professional to design a well-balanced marketing strategy that incorporates video content with written content. They will guide you in the type of video content and, just as important, the best time to post your video

for your particular business.  You will no longer be in the minority when it comes to video marketing!



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