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Be Ready For The Mobile User

2016 was a year of great changes for technology and the marketplace.

For example, more searches now take place from mobile devices than on desktop according to the news hub Search Engine Land. Although reports vary, some analysts say 60% of searches are from mobile devices reports the media company Digiday. Add to this the fact that Digiday estimates internet use on mobile devices at almost 90 minutes a day, while desktop internet use is around 30 minutes a day. Due to new apps and digital streaming, mobile use could go to 2 ½ hours a day in 2018.

What does all this mean for your business?

It means your customers can now take your product or your business everywhere they go and you can engage your customer all day, not just when they are at their desktop computer.

What marketing changes do you need to make now to keep up with the trend?


• Your website must be mobile-friendly.

A mobile version is no longer an optional feature. Mobile users don’t want to resize your page to make it readable. They will return to the search results when they encounter a site that is not optimized for mobile use. At Write Now Marketing, we design a mobile version for every website we design.


• Your first page needs to pack a punch.

Your landing page is valuable real estate. While desktop users tend to linger at your website and view more pages, mobile users do not, so your first page needs to put your best foot forward.


• Mobile users scan content quickly.

Consider this as you design and present your content. Mobile users are distracted and have less attention span. Younger users are even more impatient.  Whether you have a multi-page website, a single page website, or an ecommerce site, your content must be relevant, easy to digest, and easy to navigate.


• Know the motivation behind a visit to your site.

Are they looking to purchase your product or just learn more product information? If so, they may not be interested in reading the history of your company on the landing page. However, if they are looking for a service provider they can trust, then that history is important.


• Once you get them there, keep them there.

Mobile users not only check out your product, they also price compare with your competition and read online reviews on the spot, often in the parking lot of a brick and mortar store before coming in the door.  Mobile users often research and purchase a product in less than an hour. Once you’ve got them to your site, make sure your reviews and price will seal the deal.


• A strong social media presence is not optional.

Your potential customer uses popular apps like Pinterest and Etsy to search out products. They are on Facebook and Instagram throughout the day. That’s why you need to be there with a strong social media presence. Write Now Marketing helps you consider every possible point of contact you could have with a mobile user, then we use social media marketing to put your name and your product or service where potential customers will find you.


• Be intentional in timing your engagement.

Mobile use is often highest before and after work for the 9 to 5 worker. Desktop interest use is usually higher during the work day. Write Now Marketing has the social media marketing experience to time your posts for optimum engagement with your potential customers.



These are exciting times for changes in technology and the marketplace. Make sure your marketing game plan is ready with an effective website, mobilization, and social media presence. Write Now Marketing can design a compelling website, complete with mobile optimization, and develop a social media marketing strategy that is perfect for your unique business, product, and customer base.

Write Now Marketing can help you with all of these services – contact us for information on how to get started!

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