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Growing Your Business Starts With An Effective Marketing Plan

We’ve all heard stories of successful companies that started with an idea scribbled on a napkin. Those stories may tempt you to think your business can succeed without a plan, but studies have shown that companies with a well-conceived business plan are almost twice as likely to grow successfully.

A business plan defines the goals you have for sales, management, staffing, and financing, and how you will monitor progress of your goals.


No matter how much time you spend formulating a business plan, your business will never grow without sales, so a vital part of any business plan is a marketing plan to help you be strategic in how you spend your budget to get your company’s product or service in front of customers. The elements of an effective marketing plan listed below will help you be a market leader rather than a follower.


• An effective marketing plan identifies your customers.

Who are your customers and how can you get their attention? Once you identify your target audience, the content and timing of every social media post and print ad can be intentionally and purposefully designed with your specific customer in mind.



• An effective marketing plan helps you stay competitive.

Who is your competition and how will you compete on price, quality, and service? A good plan can identify what makes your business or product unique and how you can set your business apart from the competition. A good marketing plan makes you stand out from the crowd.



• An effective marketing plan targets your advertising and promotion efforts.

Which methods of advertising and promotion will accomplish your goals? A marketing plan should identify the mix of website, social media marketing, print advertising, and direct mail marketing that will best utilize every dollar spent.



• An effective marketing plan includes a social media component.

An experienced marketing team can help you formulate a comprehensive social media strategy to grow your online presence with strategic content and analyze the results of your social media investment.


• An effective marketing plan highlights your brand.

Everything you do in the marketplace, online, and in print should draw attention to your brand. A good marketing plan will consistently reinforce your brand and develop brand awareness.


Remember that while you are the best person to formulate the plan for your business, you may not be the best person to implement a marketing plan. An experienced marketing team like Write Now Marketing will partner with you to reach your goals.


Write Now Marketing is committed to providing outstanding value to clients by building strong, reliable relationships. It’s our goal to manage projects so that our clients may stay focused on their strategy and purpose while we manage the details and execution of their advertising needs.


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