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Drone Technology
The Best New Weapon in Your Business’ Arsenal

The moment a world-renown pop star used drones to pull off a spectacular synchronized light display...
during the halftime show of the most watched professional football game of the year, everyone
knew drone technology is the next big thing.


The construction industry, real estate, the delivery business, agriculture, media, and environmental monitoring are quickly learning the cost-effective benefits of drone photography and videography.


Construction and Industrial Applications

Construction and industrial facilities are finding that drone footage of their jobsite or plant is a way to

visually document and monitor all types of activities.

Engineer Terry Haynes has found that drones are useful in large industrial and manufacturing facilities to safely inspect equipment such as furnaces and chimneys

mounted high on top of commercial buildings. He has found that drones can even go inside industrial chimneys to inspect structures for needed repairs.

The applications of drone technology for construction and industrial use are vast.


• Real-time project status and monitoring

• Deter and reduce construction site theft with drone surveillance

• Safely inspect equipment

• Identify potential safety hazards or jobsite accidents

• Provide real-time project status for supervisors, owners, shareholders, or lenders

• Avoid time and costs required to physically travel to jobsite

• Dual purpose use of footage in marketing materials and on company website

Architectural firms and Real Estate Industry


Architects and the real estate industry were quick to accept drone photography and videography as a way to stay competitive, look more professional, and offer more to the client. Drone technology offers a “Wow” factor with flowing interior tours, sweeping

landscape shots, and aerial views that show the entire neighborhood, schools, and nearby amenities. Drone footage is a way to dramatically highlight a property’s assets, such as pools, gardens, and great views.

Drone Technology for Your Business

Now that can you imagine the benefits drone photography and videography could bring to your business, you might think you can do it yourself with just the right equipment. Think twice and hire a pro. It takes time and practice to get the long, steady shots needed to achieve a seamless end result. Time and expense are also required to get the necessary license. Write Now Marketing has an experienced, licensed drone pilot and video designer. We would love to talk to you about using drone technology for your business.

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