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Six Reasons to Include Direct

Mail in Your Marketing Strategy

With the popularity of social media marketing

and email marketing, some companies may

have forgotten the benefits of direct mail marketing. Direct mail physically places your

offer or promotion in the hands of your current

or potential customer. Because direct mail has

been around so long, extensive data proves

its return on investment.


Consider these benefits of

direct mail marketing:


• Targets the right customer

• Personalized

• Increased likelihood of being opened

• Cost effective

• Measurable Results


• Targets the right customer

Direct mail allows you to specifically target the right audience for your product or service. Your advertising piece can be directed based on certain demographics, such as where your customer lives, the products and services they currently purchase, or a certain range of income.  You can target existing customers or new prospects.



• Personalized

An email can seem suspicious and is often treated as spam. Direct mail can be customized with the homeowner’s name making your mailing look less like junk mail.



• Increased likelihood of being opened

Even in today’s digital world, many of us still like going to the mailbox! There’s an element of anticipation. Physical mail is more likely to be opened than an email. A study conducted by Ritter’s Communication found that 50% of people pay more attention to direct mail than to any other form of advertising. This means that your company name, logo, and message physically entered that household bringing attention to your brand.



• Cost effective

Colorful postcards or brochures are very affordable to design and print. Companies can determine the quantity to print, take advantage of bulk mail rates, and stagger mailings to control postage costs.



• Measurable results

The success of a direct mail campaign can easily be tracked through the number of inquiries received or the coupons redeemed.  In 2012, a study conducted by Direct Marketing Association (DMA) showed that the response rate for an existing customer for direct mail averaged 3.4% compared to only .12% for email.

• Return on investment

While return on investment varies based on type of product or service and the audience targeted, DMA calculated a 15-17% return on investment for direct mail in 2015, a rate comparable to social media marketing.


As many companies shift to more internet-based marketing approaches, don’t overlook the obvious benefits of direct mail marketing. An effective, comprehensive marketing plan should always include the time-tested benefits of direct mail marketing.


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